VA Mentoring

Guidance and support for new VA’s

When I started my new VA Business journey, I felt like a rabbit in headlights, wanting to learn everything, but not always knowing where to start or look for the right help.

I created this service for new VAs to have the opportunity to learn from someone that has been in the same situation and made a success of their business. You can pick my brains about any burning questions!

What will you learn?

What equipment you will need to get started

How to manage to set up your new business whilst still being employed

Where to find a reputable company for your policies, contracts and insurance

What platforms / apps to use as a VA for organisation and productivity

How to price your services

Where to find clients

Discovery call and client onboarding process

How to set up processes to make your clients journey smooth and stress free
We will talk about social media, networking and email marketing

Investment Options

X1 Power Hour – £60 | Use this time to ask me as many questions you can in 60 minutes!

X1 Power Hour + X4 weeks of 30 mins support – £200 | Let’s get started with a power hour, then you can ask me questions over the next 4 weeks!

X1 Power Hour + 6 months Mentoring | Payment plan available upon request – £800

After deciding to become a VA, I spent a lot of time researching different ways to get started, but found myself a little overwhelmed by lots of differing advice out there.

I decided to reach out to an experienced and successful VA to understand and explore how they set up and made a success for themselves.

Angela was fantastic!

Not only was she very down to earth, practical and thorough with her advice, she opened my eyes to things I hadn’t yet thought about or considered. Her power hour gave me the confidence and “know how” to get started and I am truly grateful!

Alana Copeland

Virtual Assistant, ACVA Services

I am thrilled to announce that I have landed my first job as a Project Manager, all thanks to the amazing support and guidance of my mentor, Angela Bottger

When I was struggling with multiple job rejections, I connected with Angela through her free discovery call, and since our first conversation, she has provided me with invaluable advice and helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed. 

After just one month of working together, I secured my first job, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her by my side every step of the way. Not only has Angela been an incredible mentor, but she also cares for me like a family member, which has been a tremendous achievement in my life.  Her care and support for me have been nothing short of amazing, and I feel incredibly grateful to have such an incredible mentor in my life. 

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow under her guidance, and I know that she’ll be by my side for every step of my career journey. 

Thank you, Angela, for being the best mentor anyone could ask for!

GM Nilay

Virtual Assistant, GM VA Services