Time Management Tips that will keep you organised and become more productive

Being an Entrepreneur or Small business owner can be a challenge when there is so much to do! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on what you do best in your business, keep up with admin tasks and wear lots of different hats.

It’s all in the planning

The key to good time management is to plan ahead. Create a schedule that will create time, prioritise tasks and relieve any stress you may be experiencing.

First of all, look at any deadlines or urgent jobs that MUST be achieved that week. So, if you have a set day for a specific deadline, ensure you are well prepared the days leading up to it. All non-urgent jobs can be scheduled, after this has been achieved.

Start by creating a daily schedule

To become successful, a daily schedule is a must to structure each day. You can do this by using your electronic calendar (Outlook / Google) or use online templates that can be downloaded. Map out each day by adding in a daily target and work your tasks with your deadline in mind.

Group your tasks by project or type

Try grouping tasks by arranging similar related activities together, so you are not jumping from one to the other. Focus on specific goals you need to achieve – e.g. marketing, invoicing, going through your inbox and that all important to do list that keeps being put off!

Plan for distractions

It’s not realistic to be productive every hour of the day. Plan for distractions which will give you some breathing space if unexpected barriers crop up.

  • Ensure you set up your time management system for unexpected challenges
  • Plan realistic productive time
  • Add in interruption time – around 1 hour a day in segments (which can be used for thinking time)


Without a Focus it will be difficult to achieve all the strategies you have in place, be disciplined! Focus on deep work and give each task your full attention.

Ensure you block out time when you are free of meetings and any other commitments, or they will take over and you won’t achieve what you have set out to do. If necessary, use a do not disturb sign on your office door and an auto-reply for emails as a time management strategy.

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