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Using Angela as Virtual Assistant is a life-changing event. It is remarkable how quickly we become so bogged down in our day-to-day existence that we almost stop noticing how inefficient we are, how much time we lose to waiting for people to call, how we get to the end of the week and the to-do list has grown and our diary is not working for us. At all.

Angela takes control from the start in a supportive, collaborative way and has an amazing knack of knowing when is the right time to discuss some of the bigger decisions she needs confirming, when to take the initiative herself and when all she needs is a yes/no answer. She has an extraordinary energy, is engaging with everyone she comes in to contact with and is resilient and charming – not a blend you often find together!

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a work/life balance rethink.

– Jacqui Green, Founder – Viridis Associates Ltd

Professional and Proactive!

I have worked with Angela for several years, and she has always been professional, efficient with a good eye for detail. Angela is flexible in her approach and a good team player, with the additional benefit of also having the experience to work on her own and meet tight deadlines. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela’s administration and support services as a trusted resource.

– Janine Hatfield, Communications Specialist 

Angela is a hardworking and loyal executive assistant who brings a range of skills from diary management, event coordination, managing central business reporting, as well as a proactive attitude to enabling the teams around her to be more successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Angela and look forward to seeing her success in new ventures.

– Rob Harrison, Commercial Director at Berry Gardens Ltd

I would highly recommend working with Angela at AB Client Solutions, she has been an amazing support setting up my business. She is Friendly and approachable.

However silly my question she was there to answer it and help with the solution. Definitely worth the money and would highly recommend to anyone.

She has renewed my faith in the ability to have my own business and have some work life balance.

– Sophie Spackman, Fitness and Wellness Coach at Sophie’s Sanctuary

Delighted to write this recommendation for Angela.

I’ve been running a training business for over 29 years. Over the last year I’ve had major growth and was attempting to do all the admin associated with that as I was reluctant to let go as I felt no one could do it as good as me. Plus, the idea of training someone up put me off as I didn’t feel I had time.

I was introduced to Angela via a VA network. Instantly liked her and decided to pilot her services. She opened my eyes to ‘letting go’ and I quickly realised I had nothing to worry about. Needless to say, her services are no longer a ‘pilot’ – she is now an integral part of my business. She has given me back SO much time and I don’t know how I coped without her.

She’s quick. Uses her initiative. Comes up with great ideas. When she responds to my ‘delegates’ on courses [on my behalf] she does so in exactly the same style I would. There’s really not much she can’t do. She is definitely a MUST for anyone looking to outsource their admin duties in order to get their time back to focus on what they are good at.

Without doubt highly recommended.

– Audrey bodman, Telephone Trainer & Coach at Outshine Telephone Training & Resources UK

I am writing to thank you for such wonderful job you did for me this week …
You have not only helped to clear up some of my computer mess… it was getting very
overcrowded! But you have also set up my Calendly booking format, so clients can now book
appointments with me and it even has a direct link to zoom, so that I have less fiddling about to do!

It was quite amazing watching from this end the cursor buzzing around my screen and the clunk as more things got filed into neat tidy packages! Fabulous! It is the same thing when I deal with clients, and help them to date stamp memories and file them away! A clearer mind! And now I have a clearer computer! It is helping me to get focused and therefore be more productive!

You did all this amazing work with enthusiasm and your wonderful smile, which encouraged me to not think too badly of myself, in allowing my computer to get into such a mess! So reassuring.

Thank you!

I will not hesitate in recommending you to others in the future… and may be looking for some
more virtual support in the future!

– Fran Nguyen, Renewal Of The Mind Practitioner at Flourish Now 88

I recently used AB Client Solutions to help with 2 tasks that had been on my To do list for some time.

As a business mentor I encourage my clients to outsource tasks that are not in their zone of genius and these tasks were just that. They weren’t a priority for me to complete but would hold value for the business, so Angela stepped in to take them off my hands.

The process was straight forward and stress free. Communication ran smoothly, and I quickly had a new booking system and bio link in place.  There was great satisfaction in ticking those two items off my list especially as I hadn’t had to spend my time doing them.  They’re both proving incredibly useful and I thank Angela for making the process so easy.

I would recommend that anyone looking to transfer tasks off their plate to someone reliable, friendly and efficient speaks to Angela.

– Libby Knight, Business Mentor at Libby Knight Consulting

Angela is reliable and efficient. She has supported ReignSupreme with a variety of tasks which frees up resources in the business to be productive. Most importantly, she has proven herself to be an asset to me and ReignSupreme.

– Samuel Falana, Director of ReginSupreme Accounting

I can’t recommend Angela enough. She is such a pleasure to deal with. She is friendly and comes up with helpful ideas. We have a wonderful system in place where I communicate with her. Everything is done efficiently and on time. She isn’t afraid to ask questions if she is unsure which is always appreciated as time isn’t wasted. She is a breath of fresh air in my practice and I would’t be without her.

– Kerry Allen,  Accountant and owner of CPM Accountants

Angela is magnificent. Not only has she hit the ground running with the support of the charity, she has helped cement important systems for membership support and resource research. Angela has a kind and engaging manner, calm, and super efficient. I would not take Angela on if you want to remain stangnant!!! She has created spaces for me to ‘breathe’ and do what I need to do to get our charity on the road to sustainability and productivity. I know it’s early days but boy has she set the pace.

– Sophia Nicholls, Transformational Holistic Life Coach / Disability Consultant

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