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I am writing to thank you for such wonderful job you did for me this week …

You have not only helped to clear up some of my computer mess… it was getting very
overcrowded! But you have also set up my Calendly booking format, so clients can now book appointments with me and it even has a direct link to zoom, so that I have less fiddling about to do!

It was quite amazing watching from this end the cursor buzzing around my screen and the clunk as more things got filed into neat tidy packages! Fabulous! It is the same thing when I deal with clients, and help them to date stamp memories and file them away! A clearer mind! And now I have a clearer computer! It is helping me to get focused and therefore be more productive!

You did all this amazing work with enthusiasm and your wonderful smile, which encouraged me to not think too badly of myself, in allowing my computer to get into such a mess! So reassuring.

Thank you!

I will not hesitate in recommending you to others in the future… and may be looking for some more virtual support in the future!

Fran Nguyen

Renewal Of The Mind Practitioner at Flourish Now 88